Simplicity Car Care Burlington is owned by Mirek Dziurda who has been in the business for 22 years.

His proudest moments are when a customer comes to pick up their vehicle, and he can see the excitement and thrill on their face.

“It’s rewarding to see satisfied customers.” says Mirek.

Simplicity Car Care Burlington pride themselves on going above and beyond for every customer that walks through the door.

Mirek recalled a specific scenario with a young customer that had experienced his first accident and did not know what to expect from the situation.

“A younger gentleman was sent to our shop from his insurance company after he had been in an accident. It was his first collision and not his fault. He was very concerned and stressed because he was unsure of how the whole repair process worked. When he came in for the appraisal, we did a walk-around of the vehicle with him, and explained everything. We could see the anxiety on his face and were able to put him at ease and help him through the process. He was very happy that the repair took less time than we originally thought. Keeping him updated with each step of the process from the accident right through to billing the insurance company, made him feel relieved and he was thrilled at how seamless we made it.”

Simplicity is proud to partner with strategic franchise partners like Mirek that always put the customer first and stop at nothing to ensure their satisfaction.

“We love that with Simplicity we have people to turn to whenever we are unsure of how to proceed with a situation. We lean on each other, it is an amazing ‘family’ that is continuing to grow.” – Mirek

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