Systemizing your business is an important step that will allow you to streamline the processes involved from the moment a customer walks in your door to the moment they leave with their vehicle.

It helps your employees work collectively and collaboratively as well as adds a greater degree of efficiency to vehicle repairs.

You will have a greater handle on what is happening with each vehicle at every step and also empowers your employees.


Create Standards for Every Department

Start by outlining the existing systems that work in your business.  Observe how things are currently running and engage your employees to provide input on how to make things better.  

Create Guidelines for Each Procedure 

Detail how the customer and their vehicle will be managed through every step of the repair process.  Eliminate repetitive or inefficient tasks and outline a new way to execute them. Be as detailed as possible so your employees have a clear reference of expectations.

Communicate Expected Guidelines and Procedures to Employees

Once you have created new standards and guidelines, communication is key.  Speak with your employees and ensure they understand exactly how things will run.  Eliminate any confusion by tackling questions and concerns upfront, provide training where necessary and provide written documentation of any new processes.

Follow-up to Ensure Employees are Following Guidelines

Last but not least, test your new standards and guidelines by following up with your employees.  Observe the new processes and verify whether they are working well or if more tweaking is required.


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