Simplicity Car Care has made history with its 2022 National Growth Conference, by removing twice the amount of GreenHouse Gas Emissions that were created. The company is excited to announce the achievement of hosting the first ever climate positive event within the North American automotive aftermarket.

“Right now we must all take responsibility for our contribution to the climate crisis which will affect every single living being on our planet. Bringing the Simplifiers together is critical to their continued vision in making affordable vehicle repair available for everyone, but it is not acceptable to not acknowledge the impact any conference has on the environment” – Dominic Napier, Managing Director at Carbon Neutral Repair (CNR) on the importance of making a change that has a positive impact on our earth and environment.

“Our continued partnership with SCC will work together to reduce the emissions year on year, whilst bringing the Simplifiers together to celebrate and grow this forward thinking group of trailblazers, with our ultimate vision to decarbonise the whole Automotive claims industry.” – Napier