This week’s franchise feature is on Simplicity Car Care’s Edmonton location.  Tim Robertson is the proud owner and operator and has been in the business for 19 years.  His love of fixing cars and desire to make his customers happy are what drive Tim to succeed.  

Tim spent the first 11 years of his career as a certified auto body technician before opening his business, Robertson Bodyworks, in 2001. “I always enjoyed working on cars as a kid so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when I took a job at a body shop after high school” said Tim. “Many people get behind the wheel of a car and are satisfied with understanding the simplicity of turning the key and driving away. Not me. I like getting under the hood and understanding the mechanics of what makes a car run.”

Tim currently trains apprentices in the three branches of the auto body technician trade – prepper, refinisher and repairer.  Tim believes in training his apprentices to the highest standards of his trade to ensure his customers receive quality service. It’s one of the reasons he decided to open his business.  “Before starting my business, I worked in several shops and often felt that customers weren’t receiving the quality workmanship they deserved. I wanted to change that,” he said. Having customers appreciate your work and refer your company to others is one of the many rewards that come with business ownership, said Tim. Another reward is job satisfaction. “I enjoy what I do, so being satisfied in my career is a big benefit for me.”

Tim’s proudest moment is the day he opened his business in 2001.  He feels that his shop is unique in the way they care for and assist their customers with excellent quality and service.


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