When you think about providing great customer service, what comes to mind?  The speed of repair? The quality of repair? Or maybe a combination of the two?

Although all these things matter, they are only a fraction of the equation to providing a high-level of service to your customers.  The secret lies in all the small actions and gestures along the way.

Try to put yourself in your customers shoes for a moment.  This hypothetical customer has just experienced their first car accident.  It’s traumatic, scary and stressful. They are walking into a facility that they have never been in before and are unsure about the process and procedures it will take to not only fix their car but deal with the millions of other concerns swirling around their head.  They are worried about their vehicle, the cost to fix it, what will happen to their insurance rates, how long it will take to sort everything out and how they will get to work tomorrow.

This customer needs their vehicle repaired quickly and accurately, yes, but here is the secret sauce; a friendly face, patience in answering all their questions, concern for their well being and reassurance that everything will be taken care of.

That is what will truly change this customers day around and create some positivity amongst an otherwise unpleasant experience.  The customer wants to know that someone cares and is looking out for their best interest. They need someone they can count on to help navigate this overwhelming situation and provide a little comfort.

They of course need you to follow-through on your commitment and provide and speedy and high-quality repair but all the small gestures along the way will create a loyal customer for life.  


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