The evolution of vehicles and customer needs is ongoing and therefore requires you to be ahead of the curve if you want to not only maintain but grow your sales.  If you aren’t currently reinvesting in your business, it may be something you want to consider for your long-term growth and success. The idea behind investing in your business is to continuously elevate your shop’s resources, tools, abilities and standards to keep up with an ever-changing industry.  


There are certain areas that will give you a better return on this investment than others; training, equipment, facade and personal development.  Reinvestment isn’t just for the sake of pouring money back into your business but to funnel it into key areas that will give you a greater return in the long-run.



An investment in employee training is always a good idea.  Keeping your employees up to date on the latest technology and vehicle repair techniques is imperative to your shop success.  You will not only have more knowledgeable employees but they will be more efficient and skilled at their job. To read more about employee training, click HERE.



Updating your equipment and tools goes hand-in-hand with employee training.  It will provide your employees the resources they need to do the best job possible, help increase efficiencies and also make your insurance partners happy to know that you are providing the best quality of service to your customers.  



It’s ideal to invest in the facade of your shop every 7-10 years.  A business that looks updated and well kept is going to attract and retain more customers.  Taking care of your shop through maintenance, cleanliness and repairs shows that you take pride in your business and your work.


Personal Development

Last but not least, invest in yourself.  As a business owner, it’s imperative that you are always learning and growing.  Attend industry workshops, conferences and speaking events. Read the latest articles and stay up to date on industry news.  


If you are looking to enhance your business and overall shop success, click HERE and fill out the form. We will be happy to connect with you to provide more information!