Does your business only run if you are present?  Do you need to close your shop when you take vacation?  Do you have trusted employees that can take the reins when you aren’t there?

Balance is something we all strive to achieve in our lives but it’s not always easily accomplished.  The quest for work-life balance is topic of discussion in most companies and sought after by all employees.  When you are the business owner though, it’s a lot more challenging to come by. If you have to forfeit profits and sacrifice growing your business in order to take some much needed time off each year, then this post is for you.  Here are our top tips for running a successful business while maintaining balance in your life:


Delegate, delegate, delegate

This is something I’m sure you have heard time and time again but you aren’t ever going to achieve balance if you don’t start delegating some of your tasks to your employees.  If you feel that things are only done right if you do them yourself then you need to reevaluate who your is on your team. Surrounding yourself with a hard-working and loyal team is the first step in helping alleviate some of your responsibilities.  


Develop SOP’s

What’s an SOP and why do you need it for work-life balance?  An SOP is a standard operating procedure. Developing and implementing these for each role and function in your office means that all employees have access to a detailed guide on what their job entails and how it is to be done.  No matter whether you are present or not, there is a resource for employees to refer to should they need it.


Train Your Team

Invest your time in training your staff to be able to run the shop without you there.  This is the best investment of your time that will pay-off in the long run. If you have never left anyone else in charge before, do a few trials before booking a two-week caribbean getaway.  Leave for an afternoon or day and see how things go. This will help build your confidence and theirs in running the shop without you.


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