Car accidents can be a stressful experience and can be overwhelming, especially if you’re left with costly repairs. From the initial shock of being in an accident to dealing with insurance companies and possible medical bills, it’s no wonder car accidents are one of the leading causes of stress in America today. While there’s no way to make the situation easier, there are steps you can take to reduce your stress levels when dealing with auto repair after an accident.

Stressors associated with car accidents

The first stress associated with car accidents is physical pain or injury from the crash, which could include whiplash, broken bones, cuts or bruises from glass fragments, and even more severe injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI). It’s essential to seek medical attention immediately if you’ve been injured in an accident so your recovery process can begin as soon as possible. 

The second type is the emotional distress caused by being involved in a potentially life-threatening situation like a car accident which can have long-lasting effects on mental health, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, trouble sleeping, emotional reactions to reminders, detachment from loved ones, and difficulty concentrating. 

Talking about feelings with friends or family members who can support you during this difficult time is important. Additionally, seeking help from mental-health professionals may also prove beneficial when dealing with emotional trauma after a crash. 

There are also financial concerns related to auto collisions, including property damage costs for both vehicles involved, plus any potential legal fees depending on fault. For victims to recover financially, it’s best to speak directly with their automobile insurer, who will explain what processes need to be followed to receive the compensation owed due to damages incurred during the collision.  

Reduce stress with Simplicity Car Care

First, a trusted auto body shop like Simplicity Car Care will alleviate stress. Use a reputable shop that will provide quality service at fair prices without cutting corners on safety measures or craftsmanship. Further, a shop like Simplicity Car Care will offer comprehensive services where one call includes towing your vehicle to the shop and the benefits of a collision reporting center. 

A collision reporting center means your car will get a trusted damage appraisal. You’ll get the help you need to correctly report your accident and file your claim with your insurance company, all in one, with the least stress possible.

Simplicity Car Care can also be trusted to perform high-quality car repairs while getting you on the road and back to normal as quickly as possible. Returning to your routine is a great way to recover from the shock of being in an accident. Simplicity Car Care will also use top-quality parts for its repairs to avoid any unnecessary breakdowns in the future. Further, your car care team will run all costs by you before you have to commit to anything so you can stay in control of your finances– so there’s no added stress on top of everything else.

Take it easy

Try to take your time if you’re feeling stressed. Ensure you communicate clearly to avoid further stress down the line due to mistakes between yourself and repair technicians or missed issues. Take time out each day during this period just for yourself—whether going for a long walk or taking up yoga classes—to reduce feeling overwhelmed by all these changes occurring around you all at once. 

All together, experiencing a motor vehicle collision is stressful, but understanding the associated stresses helps victims better prepare to cope afterward. Never underestimate the effect of a one-stop collision shop to handle all your post-accident needs, from a car towing service to repairs that make your car as good as new. 

Contact a Simplicity Car Care repair center near you and let us take care of all the details around your vehicle so that you can concentrate on the self-care you need to get back to normal as soon as possible.