Simplicity Car Care Parkview is owned and operated by Steve Kondopidis.  Steve has been in the business for 42 years and  feels that his shop has a fun and relaxed atmosphere that definitely makes them unique.  

“We are family run and we extend that family atmosphere to our customers.”

As a teenager, Steve worked at a body shop in Greece.  He started out by sweeping the floors, sanding cars, and doing whatever was needed of him.  He was soon after given the opportunity to be a sailor and worked his way up to 3rd Engineer which allowed him to travel all over the world.  He immigrated to Canada in the 80’s where he worked in a variety of different body shops until he was able to open his own shop in 1998. He purchased his shop in 2008 and upgrade the building to the body shop you see today.  Steve’s proudest moment was seeing the final result of all his hard work come to fruition!

Simplicity Parkview focuses on going above and beyond for every customer that walks through the door.  “Anything that I can do to make a customer’s experience better like water sanding and polishing small scratches, minor touch ups or even something as simple as getting them a cup of coffee while they wait really makes a difference in the customer experience…Our repeat customers and surveys are proof of that!”

Steve is thrilled to be a part of the Simplicity team and has seen a spike in the volume of work they have received since joining the franchise.  The support they receive from the Central Review Team is outstanding and has allowed them to provide their customers and insurance partners with speedy and exceptional customer service.

Check out how you can join the Simplicity Team and take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business, click HERE and fill out the form. We will be happy to connect with you to provide more information!