Your business is only as good as your drive, energy and performance.  When you are stressed out and overworked, you are not at your best. Reducing your daily stress is important to your longevity in the business and success as a business owner.  This is easier said than done but there are a few simple ways you can begin to reduce your stress today.


  1. Delegate

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks and people that require your attention each day, then it’s time to start delegating more responsibility to your staff.  Take a look at the areas you are focusing most of your time and energy on; Are they important? Can you delegate them to someone else? Do they need as much time and energy as you are giving them?  Do you need to hire someone else? Are you neglecting more important things? Once you can take a deep look at where your focus is going and how to shift to what you need to be doing, it will make for a more productive and rewarding day.  


  1. Plan Your Day

Star planning your day in detail from the evening before.  Although there are always going to be unexpected events throughout the day that require your attention, planning your day will make you more productive.  If there is something important that NEEDS to get done, allocate that as your first task so you can get it accomplished and out of the way. It’s easy to get distracted by emails, phone calls and unnecessary small issues that can probably be resolved without you.  Reduce this by allocating specific times for all the above. Plan when you will check email, return calls, walk the shop floor to check on staff needs or questions, take care of desk work, etc. If you give yourself 30-60 minute time blocks for these tasks, they will all get done and you will reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.


  1. Protect Your Time

This relates to planning your day but if you don’t protect your time, planning will not do much for you.  Protecting your time involves being really diligent about putting your most important tasks first and reducing distractions that could pull you away from them.  If your goal is to organize your financial dashboard, then do it! Set aside the time you need, close your email, put your cell phone on silent and ask your receptionist to take a message if someone calls.  Close the door to your office and get working on what will make your business better, more efficient and more successful!


It’s easy to get pulled in a million directions and this will inevitably lead to stress and overwhelm but if you implement the three steps above, you will see immediate changes in the most positive way for you personally and your business.


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