Keeping your business organized means more than just filing papers.  It requires organization of your finances, supplies, procedures and customers.  There are some simple tricks though that can turn any clutter into an organized dream come true.

Here are our top tips to get started:


  1. Storage

Keeping your front office and shop floor organized often means having adequate storage for everything you use day to day.  Create simple and clean ways to keep files, papers, parts, tools, etc put away in their place when not being used. This will not only create a clean, tidy and welcoming environment for your customer but also for your staff.  It’s easier and a lot more motivating to work in an organized work space than a cluttered one.


  1. Expenses

One of the hardest things for business owners to keep organized is their expenses.  A pile (or piles) of receipts and invoices can add up pretty fast and before you know it, becomes a looming task to conquer.  Keeping an organized system of storing receipts all in one place by category will make your monthly expense report a breeze. Keeping an accordion folder in your desk, labeled with your various expense categories can help tremendously.  Just don’t forget to file your expenses inside a least 2-3x per week.


  1. Customer Support and Service

This may sound like an odd one to organize but having a pulse on how your customer is being supported through their repairs along with their level of satisfaction is extremely important.  Create a process to keep them in the loop along the way and find out how satisfied they are once their repair is complete. To read more about customer service, check out our blog on Building Loyal Customers.


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