The key to a successful business is qualified and efficient employees.  Finding the right candidates can be a challenge but so can retaining them.  Employee turnover can be frustrating and time consuming. You create and post ads, interview candidates and train your new hire in anticipation of having them stay with you for the long haul.  It’s a tedious and costly cycle.


If and when that doesn’t happen, the task of looking for someone new can be daunting.  It’s disruptive to workflow, company morale and engagement when your turnover rate is high.  The key is to listen to your employees needs, remain loyal to them and have a relationship of mutual respect.  What you will get from your employees in return is as much as you are willing to give.


Hiring the right candidate starts with a clear and detailed job posting.  Make sure you are concise in outlining all required qualifications and job requirements.  Post your announcement in areas that will be most likely to attract the best candidates and compile a list of those that most closely match your requirements.  Conduct interview and check their qualifications, education, job history as well as calling a few references.


Once you have found the right candidate for the job, it’s important to invest in their training.  Equipping your employee with the knowledge and skills required to do the job is imperative to their, and your success.  Take the required time to conduct sufficient and adequate training to ensure they are comfortable and confident in the job.  The more time you put in upfront, the more likely they will be a happy and productive employee that sticks with you.


Happy employees are productive employees.  Maintaining a high company morale is important to not only enhance the energy in the shop but will also be evident to your customers.  Employees want to work hard for an employer the like and respect so be sure to provide your employees with what they need to do their job.  Keep them informed about the company goals, vision and mission. Let them know of any big news and collectively celebrate successes along the way.


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